Why  is  green  infrastructure  important?

Green  infrastructure  impacts  three  domains 6 Unique Sentences

  1. Social  Impacts:  Green  Infrastructure  has  a  lot  of  social  benefits  like  recreation  environment,  optimistic  and  relaxing surroundings.  The  green  space  made  by  the  green  infrastructure  creates  social  capital.  Green  and  clean  environment will  lead  to  safe  environment  and  health  benefits  which  will  lead  to  overall  personality  well  being  and  will  lead  to  a peaceful  society.
  2. Economic  Impacts:  Green  Infrastructure  costs  less  than  the  conventional  infrastructural  methods  as  it  saves  energy, uses  old  or  reuse  the  concrete  materials.
  3. Environmental  Impacts:  There  are  uncountable  Environmental  impacts.  Green  building  reduces  water  shortage, reduces  dumping  area,  reduces  pollution  of  all  sorts,  and  promotes  the  stabilization  of  water  cycle. Therefore,  Due  to  all  these  benefits,  Green  infrastructure  is  important.

Types of green infrastructure:


Blue roof:

Blue roof is a roof designed to collect the water above the waterproofing system. The collected water is temporarily stored and slowly released once the rain stops.


Green roof:

Green roof is covered in plants over a waterproofing system that is installed on a flat or slightly slanted roof. They are also known as eco-roofs.


Rain water harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting is a system of collecting and storing rain. The water can be used for domestic purposes after conveying and purifying. 


Bio swale:

Bioswale is a vegetated, shallow, landscape designed to collect polluted stormwater runoff, soak it into the ground, and filter out the pollutants. Content by: Diya Koppar


Permeable paving:

Permeable paving is a method of paving that allows stormwater to seep into the ground.

Benefits of green infrastructure

  • Green infrastructure reduces wastage of energy and water.
  • They improve air and water quality.
  • They protect biodiversity and the ecosystem, as they promote efficient use of energy and resources.
  • Green infrastructure creates a market for green products and services.
  • Green infrastructure improves the quality of life.
  • Research suggests they improve indoor air quality which is beneficial for occupant’s health and comfort.
  • The construction cost of green buildings is comparatively lower and they are energy efficient increasing the value.

Building a Green future

Pandemic for the whole last year makes us all take a step back and realize what went wrong and the wrong happening to the nature.

Lockdown in many countries healed the nature again. Especially in India where the air in Delhi City got cleaner again after decades and the river Ganga for which many initiatives were taken to clean, it got cleaned by itself in lockdown.
So, it’s our responsibility to protect the environment and Green building and infrastructure is the greatest initiative with which we can Save money, save energy, and save the environment.
Due to the efficient usage of resources, Green buildings emerge as the most sustainable architecture and in the coming world, the future is green building.